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Revelation indicates that this False Prophet will have two horns like a lamb but speak as a dragon. Mormons claim to be Christians but their doctrine is that of a dragon, it is Satanic.

Can the two horns of authority be Mormonism and Masonry? Mormons support Israel and they have no problem with a third temple being rebuilt in Jerusalem.

Some Christians were pretty certain that he would be the Antichrist.

Today with the rising threat of Islam, the increasingly popular place for the Antichrist to arise is from Islam in the role of the Shiite Mahdi or 12th Imam.

There are also many links within these two posts that give additional information debunking the Islamic Antichrist theory.

Therefore, since the Islam Antichrist theory will not fly here, I think we might want to consider that the Antichrist will be of some other religion.

In Mormonism their latest religious leader is also an infallible prophet.

In Mormon eschatology the American Constitution is hanging by a thread until a Mormon leaders arises and rides in on a white horse to restore America and the Constitution.They intend to have a socialistic theocracy utopia.Mormons believe the American Constitution is a sacred document.It is not the intent of this post to get into that Muslim Antichrist argument again.Two of the top ten viewed posts on this Blog already address the Muslim Antichrist issues.

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