Abusive or intimidating behavior toward other employees angdatingdaan info

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Academic studies refer to this as engaging in negative reciprocity.

In everyday life, it is better know by such expressions as fighting fire with fire, offering tit for tat or giving them a dose of their own medicine. "At a more societal level, we kind of believe that you don't take crap, if you will, from another person," he said.

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"A single incident of improper behavior or obnoxious co-workers do not harassment make," Reed says.

"These are strategies that we know seem to work in other kinds of contexts that seem to be good for people.

"There are other things that people do that psychologically might be more effective, and I would want to rule them out before I advise anyone to engage in a passive-aggressive way against their boss," Tepper said.

Hispanic workers are the most frequent targets and it is believed that more than 25 percent of employers take no action when bullying behavior is reported.

HR Must Take Prevention Seriously , provides some ways HR can reduce or eliminate bullying at work.

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