Adult chat that dont need a credit card dating spa

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Have you gone through frustrating time applying for credit card, really had to run around to get a credit card even when you were totally eligible to get one.

While this criteria is not that big, as its a one time event still you can consider it before you apply for one.

Never listens customer and pathetic customer care executives) of which the DPD is consistently not (000) good for last 5 months. I dropped the cheque of overall due (about 12000/-) and they never bothered to inform me that my payment was not credited (god knows what they did with cheque).

After 5 months when they made a balloon of charges and the whole amount jumped to 19000/- they called me and threatened me of CIBIL.

Once I called my credit card company (which is ICICI Credit card) because I wanted to know, if there will be any annual charges on my credit card as the expiry date is over and I wanted to renew the credit card.

They gave me a very clear and satisfactory step by step answer which made me feel – “Great” .

While there are instances when I was not that happy, but overall on an average I would still rate the customer service of my ICICI credit card as “good” .

It can range from 1.99% on cheapest credit card to as high as 3.5% per month on the most expensive credit card.

For most of the people who pay their bills on time, this parameter will not matter much, but you never know when you might get into a debt trap kind of situation where you start using your credit card to the maximum limit and pay the interest per month, at that point of time this factor will really matter.

I was never in the mood to not pay the due hence paid the whole amount 19000/- notified by them. – Link Not to mention the unfair update on CIBIL report which affects you for years.

So its a critical factor to look at before you apply for credit card in India.

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