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You can find Sofie on Instagram @sofiebirkinillustration Anita Cheung is a meditation & yoga teacher, mental health advocate, and the founder of Betty– Real Live Beditations for Real Lazy People.

She created Betty as a tool to keep her honest in her practice, and a way to help others effortlessly weave meditation into their busy lives in a fun, engaging way.

Rinny Power; a teen girl living in South-East Queensland.

She has fantastically long leg hairs and a real passion for activism.

For more, you can check her Instagram account at @shaonirakshit.

Irene was born and raised in Paris, France to an Eurasian family.

She is an artsy person who loves drawing, painting and writing.

She prides herself in being able to discuss many different topics and most of all she loves talking and engaging with the community.

In her free time, she enjoys exploring Washington, DC, the city she loves and lives in.

She has been published in Changing Tomorrow, Ink Drift and Times of India among others.

She believes in equal rights for each person who breathes, and is very vocal about mental health awareness.

She’s a very passionate and driven artist and her pieces have a lot of meaning behind them.

Most of the time when showing her art she gets complements that her work is very femme so if she could use one word to describe her work, it would be femme.

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