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This is still fairly weak growth, but it is a hopeful sign.According to Minister Jay Naidoo of the RDP office, much of this growth is attributable to two key programmes - Eskom's electrification programme (no fewer than 377,000 households were electrified in the first 12 months since April 1994), and rural water projects. This is not to say that all of the growth is confined to the public sector, Eskom's electrification programme, for instance, has been creating opportunities for a whole range of small and large private sector firms.The off-shore gas operation, Mossgas, was developed in the context of international oil sanctions against the old regime. Should there be willing private buyers, consideration could be given to selling it off.But even in this case, the kind of unilateral wheeling and dealing with which the present Minister of Mineral and Energy Affairs, Pik Botha, seems to be engaged is absolutely unacceptable.

There are some state resources which could be strongly considered for sale, like the large tracts of land owned by the Defence Force.

The core public utilities, like Eskom, Telkom, the Post Office, and Transnet, must be transformed, but they must be retained in the public sector.

There may be an argument (in the case of Telkom for instance), for some kind of joint venture with a multinational, to ensure that the corporation does not fall behind technologically.

Already in the first 12 months of democratic government, the RDP's vision of a public sector-led, developmental growth path seems to be confirmed.

The economy grew, for the first time in many years, by 2,3% in 1994.

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