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A small number of Vlach and Sarakatsani shepherds still practice the ‘dhiava,’ an ancient tradition of moving their sheep to higher grazing grounds in the summer.The semi-nomadic Vlachs live in villages close to their mountain pastures including some of the villages of Eastern Zagoria.Their annual festival is held at Gyftokambos in Central Zagoria on the first weekend in August.Architecture Nestled into the forests on the sides of precipitous mountains, Zagorians prospered during the occupation of the Ottoman Turks because their inaccessibility allowed them to live autonomously.

It is an old cobbled footpath from Tsepelovo that passes through a gorge and until recently, it was the only access to the village of Vradeto.

The Gamila Massif Resembling the Alps rather than other Greek mountains, the Gamila massif towers over the Aoos ravine to its north and the Vikos Gorge to its west.

It is its western face with spectacular views of the Pyrgoi (Towers) of Papingo and the unforgettable grandeur of the Vikos Gorge that makes the villages of Megalo Papingo and Mikro Papingo a favorite destination in Zagoria.

Many villages have a church and usually a nearby monastery.

One of the most delightful churches is found in Tsepelovo.

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