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If Agniveer were to list the top two nuisances in India, it would undoubtedly be birth-based caste system and gender discrimination.Yes, India is plagued by a plethora of challenges today – corruption, fundamentalism, terrorism, conversions, moral degradation, lack of education, health issues, sanitation problems and so many more.This becomes among the most potent tools for promoting conversion away from Hinduism.And interestingly most of these Manu bashers perhaps never ever gave Manu Smriti a serious reading!And casteism seems like a South Asian nuisance affecting all societies and religions that breed here.However Hinduism being the oldest culture and fountainhead of all other religions has to accept the blame of polluting the source.Many of these virus-affected patients are considered among scholars and leaders of contemporary Hinduism!

Copies of Manu Smriti are burnt en masse to showcase love for backward sections of society by likes of Agnivesh, Mayawati and many more.The tussle between these two forces has not only shaped the current cheap politics of Bharat but has been a major factor leading to foreign invasions of last 1000 years.This wretched caste-system was the prime reason why we could not defend our nation against barbaric invaders.It is not only known as the first codified text on ethics and laws in the world, but also as a text promoting blatant casteism.The entire Dalit movement of modern times is based on foundations of protesting against ‘Manuvaad’.

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