Aloofness in dating dating only one person

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Jason wanted to be with Julie all the time, and couldn’t understand why she would ever want to be alone or hang out with her girlfriends, without him.Julie had thought she wanted Jason – but she had been more attracted to his previous unavailability than to Jason himself.Thus he’s not everything you’re looking for anymore. When “it” works, it will be because both parties are ready and willing to meet someone.Once you realize you are purposely going after what you know you can’t have – and stop doing it – you’ll start to look at your possibilities differently.Suddenly I wanted Greg more than ever, and he was nowhere to be found.

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1 calls the next day, chances are you’re going to be left wondering more about Cutie No. He is suddenly more appealing and more attractive; you start building him up to mythical proportions. 2 does finally call, you’re going to have a major letdown.

Once he became accessible (not to mention clingy), he wasn’t so attractive anymore.

She felt guilty about breaking off with him since he had ended a long-term relationship to be with her, but decided she had given it all she could and was starting to resent him.

And if he never does call, he (or she) will always and forever be levitated to an impenetrable perfection.

This cycle is hard to break until you’re really ready to meet someone and stop going after those who aren’t available.

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