Anniversaries to celebrate when dating

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“It is a real shame he isn’t here with us to take in the good news.

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Other Tall Trees residents said they have remained positive and rallied against the threat to their homes, highlighting the relief that a “one hundred tonne weight had been lifted from our shoulders”.

The £2 coin celebrating Shelley’s Gothic classic will feature the word Frankenstein in the centre and the book’s full title, “the Modern Prometheus”, in the outer gold ring.

It will not feature an image of Dr Frankenstein’s monster, solidified in the public imagination by Boris Karloff’s appearance in the 1930s film adaptation, 80 years after Shelley’s death. A new 50p design will mark a century since the 1918 Representation of the People Act, which extended the right to vote to women over 30 and to millions of men who had previously been denied the franchise.

Mr Barnes said he was not aware of a case against the council for loss of earnings.

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