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Dallas comes back and hands everyone a Coke, and tells Cherry it might cool her down.She gives him an unbelievable look, and throws it in his face.Cherry thanks Johnny, and says Dally had her scared to death.

Cherry asks why they don't see Sodapop at school anymore, to which Pony reluctantly admits that he is a dropout.

Cherry goes back to her casual talk with Ponyboy, and asks about Darry.

The other greasers and Ponyboy get into an argument over his answer while Cherry and Marcia stayed silent.

She tells him to get lost, and starts talking to Ponyboy and Johnny.

Cherry tells Ponyboy that her real name is Sherri, but she is called Cherry because of her hair coloring. Ponyboy recognizes her from school and the cheerleader, and she wonders why he is hanging around "trash" like Dallas.

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