Be paid to be a hot chatgirl

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So if they destroy the few very good shows, there is no hope for the other good shows from the past. Videos coming soon, is a joke after such a long time.

And which "shows" are good enough for them, when they cut THE ALL GIVING TREE.

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Also take good note of their recent post in the lounge about their current video hall: "There was a glitch in the video hall and that is why some videos become invisible.

Most videos only a duration of 16 min also the all giving tree series are cutted 20 min long. Some time ago, I speculated that the old videos we have been asking for since the change of the website might show up somewhere else and that we would have to pay again to see them. Go have a look at [Versteckter Link - Registrierung notwendig] ...

the site has been in the air for a while but without content.

The new videos are not only from our new live stage productions but some of the old archives too.

We will continue to upload all the videos to the video hall until they reach 100.

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