Becoming bitter about dating

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She went into a detailed rant about her collection of ex-husbands including “The Womanizer”, “The User” and “The Ugly, But Nice One”.I honestly think she had the best of intentions me as she cautioned me about everything that can go wrong in a marriage, but it was as if she honestly believed because marriage hadn’t worked out for her, there was no way it could possibly work out for anyone else.If it’s one thing that bothers me most, it’s bitter older women.

Here’s how: I no longer give away my trust so easily.No matter how many Oprah life classes you tune into or self-help books you buy, only you know what work specifically for your life.I think most people have decent intuition about what’s needed in their lives, but choose the options that are easier or more convenient.Shutterstock I always say that engagements and babies can bring out the worst in people.But they also invite all kinds of unwarranted advice that people volunteer based on their own personal experiences. With so many people that they think they know what’s best for your life, it’s important to be able to sift through advice that comes from a genuine place and people viewing the world through grey-tinted glasses because they feel they’ve been dealt a bad hand.

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