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ON ITALIAN FRONT vy Artillery Vfare Whole For the Years That Have Gone Before 'Only. He appeared In the list of New Tear hon- ors, being given the order of the Star of India for services in connection with the war. Thirty-six miles east of Gib- raltar a submarine appeared and started shelling us. Attend the sale Monday, view the wonderful, com- plete assortments and purchase for both present and future needs. — The British steam- ship Persia was sunk at 1 o'clock on Thursday and most of the passengers and crew were lost. estimate that there were lf O or 111 passengers from London on the ship. Outside the realm of music, how many precious hours are spent over memorising poetry, reading over pro- poaitlons in geometry, or even conning spelling lessons while the mind is In- active. The teacher, whether of music of any other subject, who Insists on work being done after the Interest ha% flagged may obtain from her pupils mechanical accuracy, bat will fall in provoking thought much less In arousing enthusiasm. Property kept as confirmatory towards the pledgee acts as existence a section versus the automobile give sum.

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ffi MJLT ■ Petrograd Reports Penetration -of Austrian Positions in Three Sectors — Vienna Says All Attacks Failed, Fact That It Is Again Able to Take Offensive Regarded as Significant — May Affect the Balkan Situation. A Lloyds dispatojh save that most of the passengers and crew of the Persia were lost. Egypt and other points where survivors might bo landed or details of attack might be available from other sources. first president of the Republic of China, has escaped from the surveil- lance under which he has been said to have been held In Toklo, Japan, for more than two years, and Is on his way back to China, according to a statement made today by Fo Sun, son of the former President, who is a student in the senior class at the Uni- versity of California, following the re- ceipt of a message from his father. Special at 35* Trimmed with lace and finish- ed with ribbon.

One American cltlsea on the Persia was Robert Mc Neely, newly appointed consul at Aded. "Sham Cheung Puen has been named provisional head of the revolutionists. "I do not think there Is any doubt of the success of the revolution as more than half of the province is against Yuan Shi Kai. Special at 45* Embroidered yoke, trimmed with wide ribbon.

The belief was ex- pressed In official circles tonight that had ho esoaped some report would have been forwarded by him. I' don't know exactly where my father is, but I presume that he Is in China, or on his way there. CREPE DRAWERS Special at 45* With plain tucked flounce or with flounce of Torchon lace. Monteagle, from Hong Kong rolynhf.mun, from i Jvcrpoo!

as more than two days had •lapsed since the Teasel In the absence of specific details. NEW YORK'S NEW YEAR Unusually Boisterous Welcome Accord- ed to xsx s att e sts *uii or Mots? He left Toklo several days ago." According to prominent Chinese In San Francisco, Dr. Special at 65* Bloomer style with' embroid- ery insertion and ribbon at knee. Hhlmpo M-ru, from Yokohama Niagara, from Bydney Tamba.

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