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You’ll want to see what’s the thing everyone is talking about on Twitter.

And you’ll probably want to follow your friends on Snapchat.

The Kindle app on i Phone will sync progress between all your devices.

Download: Kindle If you’re into biking, Starva is a must have app.

Plus, you’ll be able to use Google’s smarts when it comes to searching photos and having shared photo libraries with your family members.

Download: Dropbox If you like browsing Reddit, try the Narwhal app. But the app does fall apart when it comes to posting things to reddit or adding comments. Download: Narwhal In most parts of the world, Apple Maps is still isn’t up to the mark.Download: Google Maps Right now, Amazon Kindle has won the ebook market.If you want to buy an ebook at the best rate and you want to read it on every device that you own, including your ebook reader, Kindle is the best place to go.Download: Facebook Messenger, Whats App, Telegram, We Chat, Skype, Slack The i Phone 8 Plus’s 5.5 inch is a great screen for consuming video.And you’ll find apps for watching a quick video to a tv series. Apple like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video are great for watching old tv shows and new original series alike.

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