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On the other hand, it's a lot cheaper -- nearly free, in fact.

They all have a personal "facetime" element as well -- you have to meet, or at least talk to, a human being to be accepted. It's what we might all a "pure Internet play" -- everything's done online, nearly anyone can register and what happens after that is up to you.Perhaps a big point in E&A's favor is that it's not just a dating service but also a way to meet new friends -- something that's often a problem for stressed-out professionals."What interested me most about the club was meeting new people.With Events & Adventures, I have made new friends," said Nick of Minneapolis in a Consumer Affairs review. I went bowling, I went to both singles mixers, both party buses, movies.The approach seems to work with the upscale client base it's targeting.At Consumer Affairs, we don't hear much about Successful Singles but what we do hear is pretty positive."I spent months online with no success.

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    As others suggested, social groups like Meetups are a really good way to meet people, and since it's a group setting there's much less pressure (or obligation) than going on a formal date.

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    Girls have different prices depending on how popular they are or how horny they feel.