Blind and gay dating

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I am very happy being a blind man, and I think it serves as a filter. The book has made several high-school and college reading lists.

The quality of men I date and new friends I meet has definitely improved since I lost my sight. It also landed me a guest lectureship at Yale and my current appointment as Writer-in-Residence at Holy Names University in Oakland, California.

These guys were at one point my best friends growing up.

They were a group of gay boys I met when I first came out in San Jose. When I stumbled upon them in the city that night, I was happy to see them.

She allowed me to date, have boyfriends, and let my gay friends hang out at our home.

I feel like I became closer to my four sisters after I came out.

I’m a full-time writer, but I also make time for other projects I am passionate about.

They also provide vet care at no cost to the blind person.

We don’t hear much about blind people, or disabled people of any kind, in the LGBT community. What many people forget is that disabled individuals make up the largest minority group in the country.

Although I had many eye surgeries, they all failed, and I was left blind. I credit my family for my recovery—in particular my mom.

She moved into my condo and didn’t just help me learn to be blind, she helped me heal emotionally. She told me that blindness would be hard but not impossible to manage. My cause of blindness is retinal damage, and currently there is no medical way to fix it.

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