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She's hardly even in the picture at all but OP's fiance is making a huge deal out of this.

Other people seem to be making leaps based on what OP wrote as well, but in OP's favor.For what we can't do in a limited capacity in terms of advice, OP should seek a local mentor or counselor who can be provided with the full story.But what if it's totally true love, and they're soulmates, and they get married in a few years as high school sweethearts, and then OP's fiancee maybe has to see the ex, of 10 years now, once a year maximum at holidays?What do I do about my Fiancee not being happy about this? I would have certainly told my sister if she was dating the sibling of someone I’d dated.I don’t mean she won’t want to date her BF, but she might be more sensitive about bringing up the ex or warn OP if the ex would be somewhere.

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