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“Person alerts are the first of many innovations that will make Nest Cam a more helpful partner in securing the home,” said Veron.

What customers also want is a security camera that catches people before they’ve actually entered the house.

It’s not clear whether the Nest Cam Outdoor is too late to pull Nest out of its funk.

For customers in search of a durable security camera solution, though, it’s definitely better late than never.

To make sure Wi-Fi connectivity still, well, connects, his team rearranged the antennas of the original Nest Cam to allow for better reach.

As with other Nest products, set-up is simple; just plug it in and mount it wherever you need the most peace of mind.

At The Dashcam Store, we want to see our customers get the most usage out of their dashboard video cameras.

In this blog post, we discuss a good practice to keep when using your dashcam, in order to prevent any potential problems and ensure you are always recording.

Still, a wired outdoor security camera arguably makes more sense than a battery-powered version, given that you’ll want as many assurances as possible that it’s actually working."We originally thought of a battery-powered solution, which are technically easy to install but also easy to steal," says Nest product manager Mehul Nariyawala.Formatting may be done via the on-screen menu of the dashcam itself, or by plugging the memory card in to your computer (via a card reader), then performing the following steps: Of course, make sure any videos you would like to retain have been copied off of the memory card *prior* to formatting the card!For Windows users, see the following two images for how to format the memory card on your desktop or laptop computer: Thanks for reading, if you have any questions don't hesitate to call 1-888-855-5470, or e-mail [email protected] assistance. -The Dashcam Store Team Get our blog posts, top resources, and exclusive offers delivered to your inbox.A study performed on flash memory cards showed that "fragmentation can have a serious impact on flash drive performance, especially during write operations" (Source) Just like changing your car's oil or doing a defragment on your computer's hard drive, some simple maintenance can keep your dashcam operating in top condition.We recommend completely formatting (clearing) the memory card of your dashcam at least once a month.

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