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It is advised that the bandage is opened over the wound and that the pad remains untouched except by the wound. If possible, position the person's head slightly lower than the trunk, or elevate the legs.

This position reduces the chances of fainting by increasing blood flow to the brain.

If possible, elevate the site of bleeding.- Remove any obvious debris or dirt from the wound using sterile tools.- Do not remove any objects pierced into the victim.- Do not probe the wound or attempt to clean it at this point.

Your principal concern is to stop the loss of blood.o Apply pressure directly on the wound with a sterile bandage, clean cloth or even a piece of clothing.

Applying ointment from the tube may contaminate the tube and put future wounds at risk.o Make sure to wash the wound before applying fresh ointment.o When applying fresh bandages make sure your hands are clean and the bandage remains sterile.

Often there are few of them and they usually indicate some sort of serious health problem.- Bruising around the belly button could be a result of bleeding in the abdomen- Bruising behind the ear can indicate a skull fracture- Bruises that are raised, firm, and occur without any injury may be signs of a “autoimmune” disease, in which the body attacks it’s own blood vessels.

First Aid Treatment Apply the RICE method- Rest : Rest the injured body part- Ice : Put wrap-up ice on the injured part- Compress : Bandage the injured area over a thick cotton layer- Elevate : Raise the injured part Get help if needed Caution- Dont put ice directly on the injured area without cover- Don’t elevate the injured part if there is any symptom of internal bleeding.2.2.

General Treatment- Call local emergency help provider for help- Lay the victim face up, on a blanket or coat if possible, and raise the feet above the head unless they are fractured.- Check the injured person's airway, breathing and circulation.

Open and maintain the airway, and perform rescue breathing or CPR if necessary If the person is bleeding from the mouth or vomiting, tilt their head to the side to avoid fluids going into the lungs and airways.

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