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After the first few times I took off my panties instead of making him push the crotch aside, then I pulled his pants down rather than just take his dong out through the fly.By the end of our first month wed both strip and go to his room, where Id jack him off while he ate me.We would have gone on like that for God knows how long, except for an odd turn of events.It seems that one of Toms competitors turned up dead, his throat cut and castrated.So I was living good and had one hell of a big bank account in the Bahamas. Carl, my son, stood in the doorway, Whats his bitch this time? The crazy asshole wants me to let you smell my pussy.Carl grinned, Hey, maybe he aint such a dumb prick after all. Damn, I knew Tom would ask Carl if hed smelled my pussy, and I knew hed probably beat the shit out of me if I didnt do what he said.Maybe hes particular about smelling a clean snatch, I thought but didnt answer, I didnt want to get my ass whipped.

With each contraction of my pussy a spasm shook my whole body, almost knocking me out of the chair.But it was better than anything anyones done for me in years. Glad you liked it, he said, Always happy to be of service.His pants were sticking out and he stiffened up when I felt the bulge.I soon found out that he had a real sensitive spot just at the base of the head, and I learned to use my tongue to give him the most pleasure.Just as I was reaching my peak he moaned, Oh God, Mom, you better quit cause Im gonna cum!

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