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Jack realizes this by viewing security tapes which show Jamey's murder.

Nina is captured, though not before she kills several people while attempting to escape, including Teri.

Just after midnight, word arrives of an imminent assassination attempt on Democratic presidential candidate David Palmer.

When Jack is forced to cease contact with CTU, Tony and Division become suspicious and place CTU under lockdown while George Mason interrogates key staff members.

He served in the United States Marine Corps and attended Scout Sniper and Surveillance and Target Acquisition training.Near the beginning of the second season, Mason was exposed to lethal dose of plutonium, leaving him with radiation sickness.Mason eventually passes along the leadership of CTU to Tony, and leaves the agency.One hour later, in a noble effort to remove the nuclear bomb from a populated area, Mason crashes a plane carrying the bomb into the Nevada desert, sacrificing his own life as it detonates.Under Tony's command, CTU receives recordings of a meeting between Ali and representatives from three Middle Eastern countries at Cyprus.

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