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In later seasons, Sabrina was enrolled at the fictional Adams College in Boston.After getting her degree in journalism she moved back to her aunts' house with Morgan and Roxie.She wears clothes that don't give away the fact that she is a witch, i.e., no witch hats, black dresses, etc. Sabrina the Teenage Witch debuted in Archie's Madhouse (the logo sometimes given as Archie's Mad House) #22 (Oct. Created by writer George Gladir and artist Dan De Carlo.She first appeared in that humor anthology's lead story (the logo then spelled "Teen-Age"), and eventually became one of Archie Comics' major characters, appearing in an animated series and a television sitcom.She also wears a black dress with a belt, and black shoes.Sabrina's story takes place in the fictional town of Westbridge, Massachusetts, where she grew up with her two aunts, Hilda and Zelda Spellman, and the talking cat, Salem Saberhagen.Marigold's daughter Amanda is known to torment Sabrina throughout the show, by the end of the show they become closer and closer. On her sixteenth birthday, she learned that she was a half-witch (through her father's side) and had magical powers.

Also living with the three women as the family pet is Salem Saberhagen, a witch who's been turned into a cat as punishment for world domination attempts.Her father's name was Edward "Ted" Spellman, a witch, and her mother's name is Diana. Her father has at least four sisters: Vesta, seen only once in the first-season episode "Third Aunt from the Sun" (played by Raquel Welch) but mentioned many times and Hilda and Zelda, both of whom Sabrina lives with, and Sophia, a witch who lived in Rome and looked identical to Sabrina.Sabrina's evil twin Katrina is not considered one of Sabrina's sisters as the evil twin has different parents from the good twin.Her stepmother, also a witch, is named Gail Kippling Spellman.Sabrina was an only child, but had one evil twin (by different parents) and a stepbrother.

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