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Very common on the gay scene for an attractive young male. A game of courage in which competitors dare one another to complete a given task. E.g."Last time I visited Bangkok the streets were lined with chicks with dicks, and they were so gorgeous too." Verb. A male to female preoperative transexual, usually very feminine looking, with breasts and male genitals, a shemale. You'll have a heart attack unless you learn to chill a little." Noun. While crack pairings may show up in crack fics, the two are not necessarily related.A Crack Pairing could very well be treated in a dead serious and realistic way, just like a Crack Fic can be gen, or only about traditional pairings. A person, usually of poorly educated, working class origin, who dresses casually in designer sportswear and vulgar jewellery. Popular from early 2000s] * For a more indepth view and etymology see Chav Adj. E.g."He was wearing a Burberry baseball cap, Rockport boots, tracksuit bottoms and a fat gold chain draped around his neck - it was the most chavtastic sight to behold this year." Noun.

E.g."This chap came up to me and told me to shut my mouth." 2. Usually associated with the speech of the upper classes. This can be down to a small cast, or any pairing seeming plausible by now.Reasons for writing crack pairing fan works varies. E.g."Harry's done his usual, he's missed the toilet and chucked all over the floor." 2. E.g."I'm going to chuck her at the weekend, she's really annoying me with her moaning." Noun. E.g."That film was boring, too long, and generally just total chuff." 2.

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