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Dan Savage, (the Martha Stewart of orgy planning,) is here to help. Would you date someone who painted all over your sheets and poured liquor on your clothes? And, a phone sex worker wonders how she can handle men who want to engage in emotionally scarring sex... She is a superior human and you should listen to the whole thing. But he lacks experience, and he's maybe too short? If, by some weird fluke you have not yet donated to Planned Parenthood, you are commanded to do so immediately.

A man's good (female) friend is planning to go on a date with one of his acquaintances. Also, a woman and her husband don't quite know how to ask a couple they are friendly with if they...

An open-minded straight man has had quite enough with the sexual cavorting that takes place in his gym's hot tub, thank you very much! On the Magnum, Dan enlists New York Times rival columnist Roxane Gay for a Second Opinion on folks who get dumped, and can't deal.

As a young man navigates through his dating life, he finds that the girls he's really attracted to ghost him, and the gals he's lukewarm about chase him with conviction. But one of the people who responded to his anonymous post is his high school pal! Finally, gather round dear listeners, and hear the story of...

A straight man knows he has the dreaded Madonna/Whore Complex. A 47 year-old woman has just started working at a sex toy store, and loves her funky, kinky co-workers.

For a much longer version of the show, with no ads, visit and get yourself a season subscription. Does he have the right to ask her to get a boob job too? " Dan chats with Kristin Mark on how to maintain sexual desire in long term relationships. (The more dignified word is "urologist." ) On the Magnum, Dan does just that, chatting with the good Doctor Stephen King, to answer a...

A woman was chilling with her male friend, you know, the way friends do, and sure, he wishes they were a couple, but she's not into him that way, so anyway, she invited him over after some drinking and masturbated in front of him, you know, the way friends do, except now things are weird? Sidle up, dear listener, and hear the tale of the woman, her much older boyfriend, and..her boyfriend's...son? A straight man has a great girlfriend except for one little problem. A woman who is about to get married is having a total freak-out affair! A married woman is in an open relationship, and hooks up with a friend of theirs. Rather, after her insufficient sessions with him, she returns home to her husband who gets the job done. Later, Dan somehow convinces Nancy to talk about sweet, sweet period sex. And, a woman's husband suffered an injury that he is slowly recovering... His female friends tell him he has to be more aggressive and less respectful with the ladies. The "baby" in a baby/daddy relationship is jealous because her daddy is getting it on with a couple and not inviting her. A trans man is losing his hair and worries that he won't be able to rock the hyper-masculine bald guy look. These two topics come together not once, but three times on this very show.

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