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This is the most recently acquired mystery clock in the Cartier Collection.

Mystery clocks are currently surging in popularity on the art market.

Indeed, it was the Maharaja of Nawanagar who acquired it.

The Maison created some exceptional pieces for this major client, including a turban ornament with the famous tobacco-coloured Tiger Eye diamond of 61,50 carats, as its centrepiece.

The coral pyramid cabochon accents are hallmarks of Jacqueau’s innovative style.

The Cartier tradition of clock and watch making extends almost as far back as the founding of the company in 1898.

Taking the allusion to the extreme, here the elephant appears as an authentic Chinese jade figure dating from the 18th century.

There is no guessing as to why it was sold to a maharaja…

The delicate combination of gold with black and white enamel make it a remarkable piece from the Art Deco period.Dating from 1914, it is the oldest mystery clock in the Cartier Collection today.Mystery clock with single axle From 1920 onwards, Louis Cartier and Maurice Coüet, still inspired by the research of the illusionist Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, pushed the limits of both magic and technology with their mystery clocks with single axle.Large Portique mystery clock This clock is the first in a famous series of six Portique clocks, produced between 19.During this time, the lure of the East was keenly felt within Cartier's creative universe. An incredibly beautiful woman of unerring taste, she amassed a remarkable collection of jewelry over her lifetime, with a marked preference for Cartier.

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