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Sometimes, the chaotic streets of the peninsula resemble a sea of scowls, with everyone literally putting their most stern faces forward. It’s a cluster of stony mountains with only a few valleys and plains on which to build.

This is NOT true of the children however, who will invariably grin and laugh while shouting “Hello! The result is a lot of people in small spaces, and folks will not think twice about pushing and jostling in order to get onto a bus, into an elevator, or to those perfect onions at the market.

Don’t even bother with “excuse me,” and beware of the older women, known as Dissent is alive and well.

The North responded by saying: 'What she should do for the nation is to leave Cheongwadae, the doghouse of the U.

S., shut her unshapely mouth and get her crime-ridden body buried in the cemetery at an early date.'Pyongyang's powerful National Defense Commission had claimed that Seoul fabricated the evidence on the land mines and demanded video proof.

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