Dating a parker fly classic

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In the mid nineties, GEN1 pickups were criticized for having a much too "hi-fi tone".

Lately the GEN1 pickups have gained more attention and are now categorized the real deal for a Fly by many people.

Differences between the pre refined and refined Parker Fly are explained here.

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The first generation was a ballpoint pen and pencil, introduced in 1967, called the International Classic.

It was a slim, very well balanced pen, intended as a sort of a rich man’s Jotter.

Ball pens were beginning to be really in vogue and Parker needed a pen that could both capture the high end ball pen market and function as a companion to the top line fountain pens.

The clip had a newly designed Parker Arrow clip, with the longitudinal arrow an integral part of the bottom of the ”feathers”, like an elongated Y.

n 1968, encouraged by the success of the Parker 75 Spanish treasure in 1966, Parker decided to make the Space Pen, an International Classic limited edition pen that had the push button made with metal from Friendship 7, piloted by John Glenn, the first american to orbit the earth in 1962.

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