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By about 4000 BC, civilized peoples in Sumer, India, and China had developed watercraft suitable for roundtrip voyaging.It is at this point in the human story that the notion of “continental isolation” quickly evaporates.Modern scholars would do well to abandon this myopic mental baggage, because the survival and prosperity of our species depends upon making an accurate appraisal of where we have come from in the past and where we need to be heading in the future.All the world’s peoples (and all religions) played a role in the past; and together we must build the pathway into the future.Phoenician mariners and most educated people (which wasn’t very many) realized that earth was round.

These cartographical fingerprints contain unmistakable coastlines, geographical positions on the globe, references of longitude and latitude, proximities to identifiable mainland or islands, place names of cities or territorial titles (also called toponyms), and often text that identifies key features of topography, climate, vegetation, or native species of animals.

It also moved the Caspian Sea up to the Hyperborean (Northern) region; and it added the Red Sea east of Africa and the Arabian Sea.

The lower continent – (or “New World”) was intended to represent South America (arrow).

Experienced sailors believed there was mainland beyond the ocean; however few mariners traveled beyond the major regions of commerce that are included on this map.

The Western Caspian Sea (arrow) is indicated as a huge gulf that opens onto the ocean.

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