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Vatsyayana says, "One knowing the object of enquiry through verbal testimony becomes desirous of knowing it over again by inference (linga darsana).

In empirical mallers, the final authority belongs to pratyak~a.

Sonrniyu Volumes for (Combined) [New Series] JOURNAL OF THE ASIATIC SOCIETY OF BOMBAY Editors V. KULKARNI DEV ANG ANA DESAI Published by the Asiatic Society of Bombay Town Hall, Bombay Maharashtra State (India) 1993 London Agents : AH. And when the object is (ultimately) ascertained through perception, the enquiry com~s to its final end. After inferentially knowing it through perception of the proban, one becomes further desirous of knowing it through perception." 6 The 13uddhists, especially, Vasubandhu, Dinnaga, Dharmakirti, Dharmollara hold that there are only two, viz., pratyak$a and anumana and that each pramffa-1') 1 avastlui, it is important and sufficient to know that no momentary particular can be cognised twice for two reasons - that no object exists for two successive moments nor docs any subject exist for two successive moments.So the ultimate truth is that each particular is a distinct existence, though necessarily related to another particular for its existence and for its nature, yet not having any common characteristics.

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