Dating blondes for sex

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Not that she's trying to steal him away - she wants to be happy and it's just convenient that he finds her irresistible.

Many men have the type of being attracted to many fair haired women, especially if they have long legs and big breasts, but the lovable blonde herself is the kind of person who can attract anyone she wants and she probably knows it.

Furthermore, the women with lighter blonde or brunette hair were typically considered as having greater potential as a romantic partner and a parent than those with black locks.

The researchers concluded: “These results suggest that males are able to make complex judgements about women concerning their desirable relationship and parenting potential based on discernable characteristics such as hair colour and length.” The topic of whether men prefer blondes or brunettes has fascinated people for decades.

One thing's for sure: the lovable blonde is no Girl Next Door.

Often times she's a foil to a dark-haired character who is less glamorous and popular.

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The notion that blondes have more fun is an age-old myth.

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She may blur the line between innocent and evil in her social goals.

If a man's having an affair, she's the one he's doing it with.

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