Dating cheap boyfriend

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But I've heard cheap ass ways are never a good sign. The fact that he makes significantly more than you shouldn't be an issue.

Women generally look for a man that makes significantly more than they do.

I really wanna bet you wouldn't be as interested in this dude if he made equal or less than you do.

You can't afford something for 10 bucks yet you call him cheap? You should be grateful you don't have a spendthrift bf.

If he does not feel happy about shouting you ten bucks once a week, he is either; not the nicest of people, and/OR, just not that into you ( which would go back to not being a nice guy - refusing to treat women great unless he is head over heals with them).

Again, just because one person makes more in a relationship doesnt mean the other person is entitled to that money.

As for the , I had to have cash for something and only had my debit card, so he handed me a bill.

And this has nothing to do with only being with him for his $. But I just wish he wasn't so cheap when it comes to our relationship.

Sure, he earnt his money - but if he is earning far more than I am, it is telling if he feels that 10 dollars is something you should pay him back, if it is only a one off occurance of course.... It would be a different story, if you borrowed ten dollars off of him all the TIME - like, a couple of times per week...

But, most men who earn significantly more than their date, will be happy to shout them ice creamnce per week.

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