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Many times people who are shy have little or no eye contact with others.You may see a man, man woman or child try to avoid eye contact with others while out walking around in public or even private.You will want to watch the body language of a shy man or women as you approach them as you will literally see them start to get uncomfortable when you have entered into their private space and that space may be larger than for someone who is very outgoing.​body language expert, reading body language,body language expert, reading body language, expert in body language reading, trump body language, body language of trump, reading the body language of politicians, deception specialist, nonverbal communication, body language of anyone Tonya Reiman took the audience by storm, AGAIN.When this action is used in an argument it can make the situation worse as it can be considered a sign of not caring by the person reading the action.

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I highly recommend her to anyone considering her for a keynote.

There may also be a facial expression where the eyebrows go up along with the shoulder movement along with possible cheek movement and in some instances the eyes may be closed.

There are many variations of facial expressions or even micro expressions that can be used with the shoulder shrug.

Even with some friends you may or may not see the shy man or woman even near or in the of friends.

In a social setting you may not see a shy person in the center of the room without a friend or group of friends.

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