Dating furniture by casters

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Loved the product -- the eyelet screws for my bail handles were too short to go through my drawer, but that's all on me. Range of sizes - Easy to install - Solid Brass - Antique Finish.

This classic bail design with two simple rosettes complements a range of furniture styles.

Chairs are always for sitting in, but some are more comfortable or highly ornamented than others.

Accessory furnishings are smaller subsidiary items such as clocks, mirrors, tapestries, fireplaces, panelling, and other items complementary to an interior scheme., meaning movable.

Furniture ranges widely from the simple pine chest or stick-back country chair to the most elaborate marquetry work cabinet or gilded console table.

The functional and decorative aspects of furniture have been emphasized more or less throughout history according to economics and fashion.

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We purchased replacement pulls for two period chest of drawers since the original pulls (dating to the 1940's) were losing their finish and were getting weak and breaking.Heated, it can be bent to a certain extent into a predetermined shape and thereafter will retain the shape.The grain in wood creates a structure with varying character, which in itself provides a natural ornamental surface, in which patterns can be formed by means of precalculated juxtapositions.Paxton Hardware Customer Service helped us to find on their website the pulls that looked almost identical to the ones we were replacing.We needed two different sizes of matching pulls with a certain rosette size.

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