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The episode column starts at #1 with the very first episode (10/19/97) and increments by 1 each week, whether there was an episode or not. The "number" can be found by adding 242 to the "volume", should you need to convert between the two formats.

If your Internet bandwidth is slow, or you'd like to listen to back episodes, you can purchase an audio compilation. Podcasting audio syndication is most useful with i Tunes, which is freely downloaded from Apple.

In my opinion Greaseman is the only "shock Jock" that does not imitate Howard. Grease does characters and molds those characters into intricate stories and situations. HHB Chapter 3 Targets of opportunity Meeting ladies in a bar HHB-Chapter 7 Hospital Hobble Sweet Things in distress.

HHB Chapter 17 Church ML Density Chick wants to know what Grease sleeps In. L.-Money Back Grease gives advice to a caller from North Dakota Karla and Marty Two sweet thangs want Grease to come over M. - Guy at work Grease tells an ugly woman how to get a hot guy at work M. - Dumped at the altar Grease consuls a woman dumped right before there wedding The original and a fast version. L.-Bad Boy Grease Whips out that Bad Boy Talk To A baby Grease gets yelled at by an unborn baby after he unloads on the Mother.

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