Dating moldova alla first impressions and dating

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In addition, it is difficult to set up a process of 'rapprochement' with society while incarcerated, by differentiating punishment and providing adequate psychological and educational support to prisoners.

All this leads to a high rate of repeat offenders and consequently to an increase in prison population, in a vicious circle that must be broken".

In fact, some changes are already taking place, albeit below the surface.

The "Hamlet in prison" project is part of a wider series of initiatives aimed at improving the prison system in the country.

"I see a lot of myself in Hamlet, as if he were telling of what I have been through and the vicissitudes that have brought me this far".

Other locks snap and we go up the stairs to the third floor.

No political force includes the issue in its programme or proposes a different vision."In a way, Hamlet is a bit like Moldova: there are various parties struggling for power, and he finds himself locked", concludes the inmate that will play the role of the Prince of Denmark.

13 in Chişinau (where inmates serve the first months of sentence waiting to be redirected towards a final structure – recently visited by Italian observers ), all Moldavian prisons date back to the Soviet era – therefore, they are not only often in need of maintenance, but also structurally unsuited to the current administration of justice.

Such facilities were in practice simple dormitories, where inmates only spent the night after a day of forced labour.

Beyond the courtyard of the Rezina prison there is the wing of prisoners for life.

The structure is virtually identical to the one that hosts the theatre workshop, except that silence becomes increasingly deep and inexorable along the stairs.

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