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What content can you post in the adult section of the classified ads? Here, we not only direct you to the best USA Classified personal ads sites, but we also bring you guidelines, tips, ideas and articles on what you should include in an ad, and what you should not. While you are looking to register for accounts in online dating sites, you can never be too careful with the classified dating personals.

With the internet taking over every scope of life today, including dating, we would like to save you the headache of finding the right site by bringing you the best.

We will help you know what kind of profile you need to create, what sites to avoid, how to know scammer sites and how to keep your identifiable information intact. If a site is not worth your while, we will let you know in good time so that you can try another one.

To ensure that people get the best, we vet twenty sites and list them in the order of priority, from the best, the one with the friendliest features and so forth.

Deal only with the prescreened, tested and proven classified sex ads. Our reviews therefore are written from user point of view rather than from a professional review.

Of course, you are welcome to prove us wrong or to show us why we should include a certain classified personal ads provider in our top ranking. These and similar questions abound in the minds of all customers but the good news is that here, we will assist you accordingly. Classified sex ads that you find on other sites will most likely not be prescreened and therefore they could even be lures from kidnappers.

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