Dating someone with mental illness

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"I'm actually kind of sobbing and kind of tearing at the walls inside my own brain while my mouth is, you know, wittering away in some amusing fashion," he says.

The 49-year-old actor has been tormented by mental illness for much of his life.

"It's tormented me all my life with the deepest of depressions while giving me the energy and creativity that perhaps has made my career." Other voices: 'I drank because I was in love' Amy Winehouse, 23, the singer-songwriter, recently spoke about her " addictive personality" and brief time in rehab.

Amy, who this year admitted drinking too much, said she refuses to take medication, even though clinically diagnosed as a manic depressive.

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"That's because I'm a complete wanker, that's because I'm an arsehole, yes. "I want to speak out, to fight the public stigma and to give a clearer picture of a mental illness most people know little about." Fry had to wait until he was 37 before he was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a condition characterised by soaring highs and despairing lows. Before his sensational collapse became headline news he was one of television's best-loved performers."I always heard voices in my head saying what a useless bastard I am, but the voice is my own," says Stephen Fry."It is my own voice, telling me what a worthless lump of shit I am."One of Britain's best-loved actors and comedians, Fry spent years drinking vodka and taking cocaine to numb the internal anguish of his depression.The delay could be costing lives, says Michelle Rowett, chief executive of MDF The Bi Polar Organisation, a user-led charity."Bipolar has the highest suicide rate out of all mental illnesses," she says.

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