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It also used an excellent 7mm rimless cartridge instead of the then-standard 8mm Lebel round.

The Lebel cartridge was rimmed and heavily tapered – good for its time, but rendered obsolete by new developments and not ideal for self-loading designs.

So why don’t we take a look at some of those early designs?

Remington Model 8 Considering his creativity and omnipresence in firearms design, it should come as no surprise that John Moses Browning developed a self-loading rifle very early – he had a patent granted in 1900 that would become the Remington Model 8 rifle.

After a series of trials, the Meunier A6 emerged as a remarkably advanced and effective design.

The blowback mechanism was stretched to its practical limits in the .401 caliber 1910 model, and the rifle could never have been adapted to the military .30-06 cartridge, thus preventing any chance at a military model.

The Meunier A6 was actually put into production in 1913, but the impending war led to its abandonment in the name of logistics.

It was simply impossible to reequip the army with new modern rifles in a short time, and maintaining two different infantry rifle cartridges would have been a strain on the supply chain.

The single-stack magazine also was less than ideal for military use – the extended magazines made for police use were much too long to be acceptable to a military.

Remington likely saw these issues, and realized that the chances of adapting a successful military version were much too slim to justify the R&D expense that would be involved.

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