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Local 440 members: IF YOU HAVE A CURRENT TWIC CARD, CALL ANY OF OUR OFFICES WITH THE EFFECTIVE DATE..Updating your TWIC card will make you more employable to our contractors.Besides we make the searches by means of incomplete data: - we find out the subscriber's name and address by means of his phone number, - we find out the person's phone number by means of his name and address.

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The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, removing any numbers.

These are simple advices concerning your problems, addresses of some national non-commercial services in Ukraine, phone codes of the cities and others.

This service is available as an addition if you had ordered one of the services above.

Also we consider cases like marriage process, divorce, assets, on civil law, etc. For example, very often such services are required by men, who would like to check his lady or girl-friend for matrimonial fidelity.

We rather often discover the cases when a wife or a girl-friend were in adultery, infidelity.

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