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Valentines Day is when many men dust off their chivalry and again awaken to romance their bride. If you’re stumbling around through your contacts for the florist’s number, or paying exorbitant fees for Amazon shipping for that special Valentine’s gift, you might need to rethink your approach to dating your wife. It’s not just the action of taking her out and showing her love every now and then.

On the contrary, it is constant thought and action, and building this mindset requires reflection and initiative.

The true measure of a man comes from what God says about him." (72) "When I base my identity on my performance instead of on what God says about me, I'm putting myself at the center of my life instead of God." (74) "The message of this book is not for husbands to start working hard at dating their wives and then to base their identity, marriage, and stand- ing with God on how well they do at dating their wives.

That message would only lead to deeper idolatry in a man's life..." (74) "Instead, the message of this book invites a man to discover a whole new identity, a whole new center to his life in the gospel of God, and for this new power to enable a man to relate to his wife in a whole new way." (75) "The heart of the gospel is that Jesus, the second Adam, took responsibility for what wasn't his fault, offering men a new life driven by a new power." (78) "Men, you should have a bigger dream for your marriage than your wife has for your marriage.

"If you want to change a marriage, change the man," he replied, "and Jesus changes the man." Simple and straightforward, (Crossway, June 2012) is a book to read for yourself and recommend to any friend. Here are 20 standout quotes: "A dream is what drives a man.

As a boy grows up, he gradually forms a dream for his future marriage. Some men form a healthy dream for marriage, some men do not.

Reflect The best way to acheive a “dating mindset” is to reflect on what you did when you dated your wife.

After all, your efforts produced great fruit here, so you must have done something right.

God called Adam to date his wife." (46) "The second he spotted the Serpent, Adam should've crushed the Serpent.

“Let your fountain be blessed, and rejoice in the wife of your youth.” See her as you saw her on your wedding day. I know it is cliché, but everything you do in this life is for God’s glory, including dating your wife (1 Cor. Dating your wife is not only an opportunity to cherish someone precious. God’s invited you to lead your wife, so discuss the gospel with her on your dates.

Worship and Service Dating your wife is worship and service.

He should've rushed straight toward the intruder and eliminated him, keeping his wife safe and sound.

But Adam just stood there." (48) "He defined "committed husband" as a man who isn't going anywhere. We want to be husbands who don't go anywhere else, husbands who remain monogamous and faithful.

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