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A quick look over the spectrum of dating apps will yield results looking to match virtually every religion imaginable, as well as mutual drug users, farmers, and more, but there never seemed to be one for the festival/club crowd.

Well, this past May, GLANCE changed that with their official slogan: ” [Glance] connects you to likeminded people attending the same festivals and club nights as you.

The Spa Hotel was the centre around which this little village developed due to the mineral waters rich in iron, sulphur, and magnesium.

If you’re unlucky in love, you’re lucky there’s a place to pamper yourself. Whether you’re mated or not, you’ll appreciate the rugged beauty of the Irish coast.

Meet your special someone in a comfortable and relaxed experience!

If you’re not here for the matchmaking, consider it an aerobic festival.

There will be live performances from your favorite Bay Area band. Sponsorship request contact: Wendy (We Chat: wendyhufoxinthebay).

Festivities may not take place every day during this date range.

Discover events near you, attend to see who’s going and anonymously like to break the ice.

If someone likes you back it’s a match and you could go together!

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