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Not to mention heroin addicted vicar, serial killer and psycho child ...,,, I want fun and laughter, love and heart break.' (sic)ITV producers focused on the aftermath of the terrifying rape in the episode, with David Platt (Jack P. Whatever you put in it you didn't knock me out completely. You're twisted'Josh tried to manipulate David, saying the sex was consensual and that they 'both wanted it'.Shepherd) waking up to find himself in pain as well as a note from Josh (Ryan Clayton) asking about breakfast. Whatever you put in it you didn't knock me out completely. You're twisted.' 'Twisted': 'What are you doing coming here? 'You were all over me like a rash and now suddenly now you've gone all caveman,' he said.'Just save the drama, we were both wasted, we both wanted it,' before claiming he was laying the blame on Josh because he was worried about Shona discovering what had happened.Espiritu Santo and Malekula alone comprise nearly half of Vanuatu's land area.Vanuatu sits on the west edge of the Pacific Plate next to the 8,000-meter-deep New Hebrides Trench.(top) Where Vanuatu is at the east end of the Melanesian chain, 2,445 km northeast of Sydney, Australia, and 800 km west of Fiji.When Vanuatu 11 hours ahead of GMT, an hour behind New Zealand and an hour ahead of eastern Australia.

The general beauty and relaxed way of life are Vanuatu's biggest attractions.

The latest tally sees the complaints count reach almost 200, after the longstanding character was drugged and sexually abused by the character of Josh Tucker on Friday's episode.

While the initial encounter prompted some complaints to come in, the episode dealing with the aftermath encouraged more to express their disdain over the subject matter. Shepherd - was seen waking up after the incident and slowly coming to realise what had happened to him. 'David was seen heading home, showering and slowly piecing things together, only to have to face Josh (Ryan Clayton) and David's mother Gail (Helen Worth) later in the day. The rape scenes first attracted 150 complaints to TV regulator Ofcom.17 further complaints were made on Monday.

Since then, the country has expressed its independence by developing a national identity based on Melanesian kastom.

It's a colorful land of many cultures, full of fascinating surprises.

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