Dbml file not updating chris harrison emily maynard dating

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Now I have added another table (Companies) to the database and a Foreign Key in one of my existing tables (People) which references the PK of the new table.

I have refreshed the Server Explorer and can see the new table and the new FK in my existing table.

I can drag the new table on to the dbml workspace, no problem.

But how do I make the new FK appear in the dbml class?

The problem with LINQ 2 SQL is it does not really support an n-tier model such as Java EE or Hibernate, but it's still a good product.

Combined with their better-late-than-never unit testing, MVC (official release some time next year) and dependency injection (official support perhaps by the year 2025, if man is still alive) they will eventually have a mainstream stack that can compete with 10 year old technology found on other platforms. Aside from the he is charging for the product, it is great for tables.

Microsoft EF appears to bave been developed in a vacuum inside Microsoft by their own experts (they have none, they've never delivered a commerical ORM such as those that dominate on other platforms like Top Link, Hibernate and Java EE 3.0).

Even the crappy Crystal Reports editor has a verify database that allows you to sync with the database schema! So naturally, I was hoping I could just remove / readd the table that I added the foreign key, as well as add in the new table.

I have tried right-clicking on the file in the Solution Explorer and choosing "Run Custom Tool" but that doesn't do anything.

I suppose I could just delete the file and start all over again, but surely there is a better way!

(The EF designer has this feature, but I am not yet convinced that EF [in its' current state] is a better choice of OR mapper than Linq2SQL.

More on that in my blog over at I'm not aware of any completely free re-sync tool for Linq2SQL (there may be, but to be honest I haven't found to give it away for free, but until the cost of developing and maintaining it has been covered I can not distribute it for free*.

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