Define accommodating resistance

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In practice, submaximal isometric exercises are used in strength development in rehabilitation following acute injuries or post operative periods.

This type of training is also effective and appropriate for healthy individuals in the early phase of strengthening programs.

Other modalities include; variable resistance training which often uses cables or cams on machines to alter the mechanical advantage and add variability, isokinetic training which involves a controlled velocity with varying resistance and finally closed linked exercise which relies on body weight and eccentric and concentric muscle actions.Unless you have a health complication, there is no reason why it shouldn't be incorporated into a training regime.Start with submaximal isometric exercises and if appropriate graduate to maximal.Submaximal exercises would include a plank bridge or holding a light dumbbell at a 90 degree angle.Maximal exercises would include pushing against an immoveable object such as a wall or heavy weight.

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