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On March 21, 2018, the love of my life @chadjohnson77 proposed and I said “Yesssssssss….. ” More of our love story is in the link in my bio from @people!!! Not to be confused with Chad Johnson of NFL fame, Michelle’s Chad is a very famous pastor for pro-sports athletes. The two met on a spiritual retreat last year and Chad immediately knew he had been saving up for that ring for Michelle. Her fiancé saved up for the ring for 11 years but didn't know it was for her.After a stellar Coachella performance where Destiny’s Child reunited, news has broken of Michelle Williams’ engagement to pastor Chad Johnson.I used to be so bitter and a hater when Valentine’s Day would come around. I even found myself tweeting things like “Valentine’s Day is for suckers!

We provide group social gatherings, where everyone is single and looking to meet other singles (male and female). Our group has a "0 tolerance" for aggressive and/or abusive behavior. If you are in your 30's and 40's, we offer the same type of group, but with different name, and holding different events. Please check it out and join the group to attend even more great events. group has a "0 tolerance" for aggressive and/or abusive behavior. We have 9 Meetup groups, and with all groups combined, we're over 20,000 members strong.There are many many want-to-be's out there, they start every day, but with our groups, you can always be assured of a GREAT Event!Our events are basically social get-togethers where everyone attending is a mature single.If you meet someone and make a connection, great, if not you came out and had a fun time, socialized and made some new friends.

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