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Logins in the password database are shown as a tree, organized into nested groups. Click on the plus sign next to a group's name in order to view its subgroups and logins that the group contains.New groups and subgroups can be added by right-clicking on a group name, and choosing the "Add Subgroup" option.Equally important is that the master password should not be kept in the same place as the password database.Ideally, the master password should not be written down at all, so that it remains in your personal memory only. You need to got to link below and go to members area if you had been redirected, in login form please use one of the login:password below.

(Macintosh users, hold down the Control key, and click on a group name.) The following information is managed for each login: The name of the group that this login is in.You will be asked for an initial master password for the new password database.It goes without saying that the master password should be non-trivial.I.e., the master password should not be a word in any language nor a name.Such trivial passwords are subject to dictionary attacks, in which an attacker could gain access to your master password by simply using "brute force," by trying all the words in the dictionary.

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