Fetching of data from database while updating data

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This tutorial shows you how to use PHP with Oracle Database 11g.Approximately 2 hours PHP is a popular web scripting language, and is often used to create database-driven web sites.Session information (such as the default date format) might be retained between connection calls, giving performance benefits.Session information will be discarded if a pooled server is later reused by a different application with its own connection class name. You see up to 40 connections with PHPHOL username, depending on how many Apache processes handled the 'ab' requests.This allows you to execute the statement again, without reparsing it with the new value, and can improve performance of your code.If you don't see the returned rows, you may have deleted these employees in the web application part of the tutorial.A common task when developing Web applications is to query a database and display the results in a Web browser.

If you are new to PHP, review the Appendix: PHP Primer to gain an understanding of the PHP language.

-- drop trigger secure_employees; This section of the tutorial shows how to use the PHP OCI8 extension directly with Oracle Database.

Using the OCI8 extension directly gives programmers maximum control over application performance.

You may also need to execute the query while 'ab' is running to see the pooled servers working.

Oracle manages the DRCP pool, shrinking it after a specified timeout. The rows with [email protected] (TNS V1-V3) correspond to a running Apache process holding a database connection open.

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