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Are you OK with taking the dollars saved on the purchase price and applying them immediately to replacing some of the cheap parts inside your brand new scooter? The good news is, there's lots of help here on this site for your cheap scooter questions and/or your Chinese scooter questions. Many of my readers love their cheap scoots, but it seems you need to consider buying such inexpensive scooters carefully. Or do you have a kicka** scooter mechanic at your disposal?I have a new 2009 Peace scooter and she looks fine, my problem is that she will not start by the electric push starter button, but she will start by kick …Where can I find a picture diagram of the Xinyue xy260t-4 scooter?I was wondering if there is any information about problems with TNG Scooters and battery draining issues. Why is my Tao Tao scooter's headlight shorting out?

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When I attempted to start it, the scooter would not start. How can I get my Peace scooter to start with the push button?

Should I buy a CY50-B Tao Tao 50cc 2011 as my first scooter?

I am looking at buying a CY50-B Tao Tao Adult 50cc Gas Moped Scooter.

Any idea why my brake light stays on in my Peace Sports scooter?

I have a 2009 Peace Sports motor scooter and the brake light stays on when the ignition is on.

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