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The truth is, we all deserve to be treated with a minimum amount of respect and love.

As painful as it sounds it’s nonetheless true: none of us can ever truly lose someone we never had to begin with in the first place.

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(i.e., “tits”, “pussy”, etc.) While there is nothing wrong with occasional “dirty talk”, constantly referring to your body in such a way, especially if you are not suggesting it, may be your partner objectifying you and having little interest in what lies between your ears. My philosophy is that even if someone is “only” my friend, it’s just basic manners to introduce them to my other friends especially if we happen to be in public together and run into someone.

He, on the other hand, seldom even said thank you, much less returned the favor.

Unfortunately, this is very common in relationships where one party is interested primarily in sex and the other wants a “real” relationship.

While many of us make the mistake in thinking we can “make” someone love us by giving them our bodies, it simply is not the case.

To paraphrase Bonnie Raitt, it truly is impossible to make someone love us when they don’t.

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