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The first official parade was held a year later in 1857 while the event was declared a legal holiday in the state of Louisiana in 1875, according to

Over the years, its become known for its lavish parades and reputation for hedonism.#Orpheus might be my favorite parade. FUGY4vm GE— Carolyn “Carnival Time” Scofield ������ (@News Carolyn) February 13, 2018Ash Wednesday marks the first day of Lent for many Western Christian denominations.

Armed citizens can often overreact, like when a Michigan woman opened fire on suspected shoplifters while they fled the scene.

In Texas, a “good guy” tried to help a carjacking victim, but because he was improperly trained, he accidentally shot the victim in the head while the carjackers escaped.

When I heard gunfire [in Iraq], I didn’t immediately pick up my rifle and react.Although Parker was armed and held a concealed carry permit, he stayed hiding in a classroom.Parker’s years of training alerted him to the fact that opening fire on the gunman could likely do more harm than good.In Brazil, the famous Carnival celebrations are held on the Friday before Ash Wednesday until Ash Wednesday itself and share many similarities to the other Mardi Gras events held in the United States, Europe and elsewhere in the world. There's nothing quite like experiencing the incredible energy of New Orleans during Mardi Gras -- the floats, krews, costumes and unifying energy make this one holiday you can't miss.• • • • • • • #mardigras #Neworleans #nola #fattuesday #america #explore #rsadventures #nonprofit #travel #worldtravel #worldtraveler #education #igtravel #roadscholar #exploretheworld #explorationgram #ageadventurously #aging #retirement #retired #student #emptynest #emptynesters #thefierce50 #overfiftyandfabulous #fiftyplusandfabulous #over50 #fitover50 #babyboomers #caregiver A post shared by Road Scholar (@rsadventures) on Mardi Gras 2018 will be held on Tuesday, February 13.

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